2014 Registration

The 2014 Registration Brochure is available for viewing and/or downloading below.

Additionally, an online registration process is now available. This will allow for registering and paying online.

Registration Brochure View and Download here!



Registration Brochures should be available in all of the supporting churches by mid April. Also, the form may be down loaded as a PDF file from the Camp’s website, woodlandbiblecamp.org.



Beginning in 2014, registration may be done by using the standard printed Registration Brochure or by registering online.



Completed paper registration brochures should be mailed to:

Brock Borders, Secretary
10525 W. 300
Lyons, IN  47443



Online registration forms should be emailed to brborders@gmail.com



Information needed with your registration form:

  • Provide the Camper Health Information
  • Completely fill out the Registration Form
  • Sign and Date the Minor Camper Parent/Guardian or Adult Camper Signature Line
  • Provide a front and back copy of your health insurance card




Information regarding the online registration process:



1. The payments for the online registration are done through PayPal. This information is displayed on the online registration form. Once at the PayPal site, there will be options for using various credit cards. This site is secure. PayPal offers purchase protection, covering losses reported within 45 days.


2. The fee for using the online registration via PayPal is 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction. This amount is subtracted from the total camp fee.